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Maundy Thursday 4/9/20 Online Worship with New Life

7:00 PM Holden Evening Prayer with Pastor Carmen, Damian & Rebecca. (New Life YouTube channel)

Gather your family for an evening meal and listen to this offering.

You can add elements of worship at home with this guide. 



Good Friday 4/10/20 Online Worship with New Life

9:00 AM Walk the stations of the cross at home or at New Life

(video with Pastor Carmen)

You can download the New Life stations map

and the Scriptural Stations of the Cross texts here



7:00 PM Watch Holden Evening Prayer again tonight - Good Friday texts are included in the service: sing again on this second holy night. 

Easter Sunday 4/9/20 Online Worship with New Life

6:30 AM Easter service will be active on YouTube: listen to the beautiful Easter Proclamation chant by Kym with video of the land by Greg. You will also hear Easter Vigil readings, the Gospel and a message by Pastor Carmen, song of the day by Damian & Rebecca, and a musical offering by Jim & Kym

9:00 AM Listen to the Easter offerings at 9:00 worship time - with an added message from Becki for children. 

Easter Sunday 4-12-20 playlist 


See attached screenshot. The user must go to "Playlist" and then to "Play All" for that particular Sunday/ playlist.  





















Order of Worship

1. Prayers & three vigil readings

2. Vigil chant- Easter Proclamation by Kym, sunrise at New Life by Greg

3. Gospel, sermon, New Testament vigil reading, & blessing

Sermon - on blog: 

4. Song of the Day: Now the Green Blade Rises - Damian & Rebecca 

5. Offering - Three Days Solid - Jim & Kym (Jim Dodrill original) https://youtu.be/wp5gKTG_wsI

6. Children’s message - Becki - making Ukrainian eggs

No Bible studies today - spend time with family and OUTSIDE! (Check back next week for meeting times and details.)

How to Watch New Life Church Service.png

Even when we are not gathered together in the same place physically, we pray for and with each other. We can also be together in Spirit in many other ways. Our readings for each week are here - we use the Revised Common Lectionary, so we not only read together as a congregation, but with other congregations around the world. 

Sometimes sermons are posted on our New Life blog. During this time of separation due to the COVID-19 virus, sermons will be posted so you can read them online until we are able to gather online. Also, we will post sermons, prayers, music and more on our YouTube Channel

If you would like to keep you and your family on a weekly routine (recommended!), we will have worship and Bible study resources available on Sunday mornings - we will be together in worship in a new way! Keep checking the website. 


9:00 AM Sunday morning playlist is available on our New Life You Tube Channel. This will include: 

  • message (sermon)

  • music


You can watch this at 9:00 AM, or anytime later. ​Links will be at the top of the website on all pages. Please share the peace in the New Life Facebook group. You can also share musical offerings there, or coordinate with Rebecca Hample to get them on YouTube. 

Worship with us Sundays at 9:00 am

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