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Worshipping Outdoors Strengthens Faith

Outdoor congregations are popping up all over North America, even in Texas...


What does it mean to worship … outside?


How do Christians engage the meaning of Easter at such a critical time for Earth's biosphere? 


This month,, an online resource for faith and spiritual practice views on today’s environmental challenges, celebrates Easter and Earth Day by showcasing Christian-based congregations across North America who meet regularly to worship outdoors, in a new ebook, Lovers of the Land.


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“We are grateful to have wild places in the city and to be able to remember ourselves as part of the community of creation,” Rev. Wendy Janzen, leader of Burning Bush Forest Church in Ontario, Canada, says even after worshipping in all types of weather. 


Wild Church Network began less than 5 years ago when a Texas pastor, a New Hampshire priest, a California mDiv, a Colorado pastor, and several others, serendipitously realized they were “not alone” as Christian leaders of outdoor churches. 


“Sometimes the wind is gentle, and sometimes challenging enough to remind us that the Holy Spirit, like wild spaces, is not tame,” says Rev. Carmen Retzlaff, Dripping Springs, Texas. 


Outdoor church is representative of an emerging phenomenon. Christians are concerned about the environment and seeking greater relationship with the living world they can see, feel, hear, taste, smell, touch, breathe, drink, nurture, and be nurtured by. is thrilled to offer the release of its 2019 Earth Month book, Lovers of the Land, for free download in celebration of Good Friday, Easter, Passover, the Orthodox holidays, the beginning of Ramadan, and Earth Day. 


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