Prayers for Workday on the Land

May 24, 2020

New Life Lutheran Church, Dripping Springs, Texas

God, we are so thankful to be here today.

We give you thanks for this day.

We give you thanks for each other, this beloved community: thank you for being able to gather and see each other’s faces again.

God, we are so thankful for this land, this church.

Thank you for a place to worship you that is also a place to be out in your creation.

Thank you for the space to wander, and to spread out, and to be safer from spreading illnesses.

Thank you that we already knew how to gather outside to worship you, so we can do this now.

God we are so thankful for the creatures and plants with whom we share this place, and with whom we worship.

Thank you for the trees, the big ones, and the young ones.

God, we are so thankful for our human neighbors, all those who come and walk and pray here.

Bless the families of Harrison Hills, and may we be a blessing to them.

Bless our neighbors at Dripping Springs Ranch park, who care for that beautiful place, and all who visit that park and arena; and may we be a blessing to them.

Bless our work tending the trails and parking area here today, to share this place we love - this place we find You- with our neighbors.

God, we are so thankful for our New Life garden.

Thank you for the skilled gardeners in our church who give their expertise and time.

Thank you for all the hands that dig and plant and mulch.

Thank you for the work of Helping Hands, feeding those in need in our community.

May the fruits of our garden not only nourish but also bless those who receive them, because they are infused with our love.

Thank you for sunshine and rain and soil - and for making things grow.

God, we thank you for the new PAWS animal shelter here in Dripping Springs.

Thank you for the people who care for abandoned pets, and help find them homes.

May each toy we have made and donated bring a scared animal joy.

Bless the workers at the shelter, and those who adopt pets.

God, we thank you for Lutheran World Relief, and the good work they do all over the world.

Thank you for helping us be good global neighbors, too.

May the school kits we give bring joy to students, and help teachers help them learn.

God, we are thankful for another day to serve you by serving our neighbors.

Bless our work today.


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