Lent Prayer Stations - Welcome to the Wilderness

Thank you to Tess Shearer for offering prayer stations for us on Sundays during Lent. Ash Wednesday station adapted from: https://aidanslegacy.typepad.com/lillylewin/2011/03/lenten-prayer-stations.htmlSunday station materials are adapted from "Walking With Jesus through the Psalms," by Erica Schemper


Welcome to Lent, 2020. Our Lenten season lasts 40 days...the number of days that Jesus spent in the wilderness, where he fasted, prayed, and was tempted before he started his public ministry. God was present with Jesus the whole time. He wasn’t alone, and he was never abandoned. God is present with us too during this holy season, as we wander our own “wilderness.”

As we begin our journey, consider this:

● How do you want to grow spiritually during these next weeks of Lent?

● Is there anything you would like to change?

● What would you like to see different about yourself when Easter arrives?

● How can you choose to grow closer in your relationship with God over the next 40 days?

To help you in your journey, we will have a different prayer station set up each Sunday that will correspond to the Psalm of the day. We hope that it will be not only experiential, but prayerful. Feel free to visit this station before or after our service. The stations will remain up during the whole of Lent to provide ample opportunity to visit them as you are able. We hope that it will inspire you to a closer relationship to God as you pray, contemplate, and are moved to action during this holy season.

On Ash Wednesday, we began with a special prayer station set up, to get a “jump start” to Lent by giving us a way to experience entering the “wilderness” with Jesus through a prayerful, and we hope meaningful, activity. This station will also be available on the First Sunday of Lent.

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