Thanksgiving Prayer in the Hill Country

A Thanksgiving Prayer

in the Texas Hill Country 2019

Thank you God for red oaks.

Thank you for flame-leaf sumac.

Thank you for red.

Thank you for this moment when rain, dry, heat, cold and time

made red happen in the Texas Hill Country this Fall.

Thank you for oak trees and acorns.

Thank you for this mast year of masses of acorns,

and for years that are like that: seasons that are longer than years.

Thank you for the fallow season of the mustang grapes this year -

for the reminder that there is not always fruit

where it was the year before.

Thank you for the idea that the vines are talking like the trees,

not bearing this year to fake off two-legged over-consumers.

Thank you for this place

and the opportunity to worship in and with the

Texas Hill Country.

Thank you for those who worshiped here

before us: the Tonkawa, and

those before them, whose names we don’t know.

Forgive us for forgetting.

Bless this land.

Bless the people here, ancient, modern and future.

Bless the plants and trees and animals.

Bless all of us with a heightened sense of your presence here

this year, this Thanksgiving.

Help us do your will.


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