Houston, we are sending youth to help

"Houston needs our help now, and they’ll need our help a year from now. Help New Life Lutheran’s youth get to Houston next summer to be a part of the long-term recovery.” - Kara Stewart

Kara Stewart is a member of New Life Lutheran, where she is best known as a singer, assisting minister, and mom of Ethan. She is also campus pastor at Texas Lutheran University. We are fortunate to have her here at New Life. Pastor Kara knows a lot about young people and church engagement, and she believes the ELCA Youth Gathering can be a formative experience for young people.

One of the things that is remarkable about the Gathering for 30,000 high school-aged youth, which happens every three years in different cities, is the community service component. City leaders in New Orleans and Detroit and other places have expressed surprise at the organization of the Gathering, and the way that youth are really put to work in the host city, to get to know it, to live out their faith in action, and to help.

The theme of the June 2018 Gathering was set years ago as “This Changes Everything.” The location was also chosen years in advance: Houston TX. And we can certainly say after Hurricane Harvey that “this changes everything.” Lutheran Disaster Relief is known for its effective recovery work, and for long-term relationship building. What a gift that Lutheran youth will come to Houston almost a year after Hurricane Harvey, when much of the news coverage has ended, but the needs have not, to contribute to this legacy of being there for people for the long term. To help and to learn about helping for the long haul. They’ll have lots of work to do.

New Life would like to send youth to this event. Please consider helping do that by donating to our youth fund — click here. Thank you.

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