New Life for all - Growing in our faith

Valuing Children

Christ calls us to be like children, and points to children as the way that we enter the Kingdom of God. 

At New Life, children are present and active and intentionally included. They are respected, listened to ,and valued.

We use Godly Play, a hands-on, Montessori-based approach that teaches Christian language and story to enhance children’s authentic experience of God. We meet under a big oak tree. Our Godly Play team includes Becki Stewart -- not just an  Accredited Teacher, but also an Accredited National Godly Play Trainer.


Challenging Youth

Sunday school for New Life youth includes Bible verses, prayer, discussion--and hands-on projects! 

You might find yourself reading about Jesus as "the Way" and then building a path! 

New Life uses the program Safe Gatherings for training for volunteers working with children and youth. Our guidelines for working with children and youth are available to view in teh member documents section (button at bottom of page) or by asking the Pastor. We are committed to keeping children, youth, and vulnerable adults safe, and our policies include clear safety guidelines and background checks. 


Adult Faith Growth

Adults study after worship in engaging Bible studies, plus out in the community at coffee shops and bars.

We meet in homes to pray weekly.

Coffee in the Community Bible Study - at local coffee shops 

We are reading through the Bible - join us! 

Join us as we read through the Bible together in community! We began at Easter 2016, and you can jump in any time - in person or read along on your own. Check the newsletter for where we are now!